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Friday 15 July 2016

Your website...more than a website!

One of the aspects of Sitefinity CMS that makes it an enterprise grade tool is that we can make it talk, or listen to nearly any other application. Why is this useful for business?

Your website can display information from a different program you already have, or let people enter information on your website and have that data securely moved into another program.  There is no need to have two copies of customer data, or updating the same client information in more than one place.

We’ve recently launched a new integration
between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sitefinity CMS where we can take your existing Dynamics CRM instance (either CRM Online or on-premise) and securely display information from it to a website, and/or give clients the ability to enter information on a website and have it move directly into CRM.

One situation where this integration is used is in capturing leads from your website. For example:  a potential customer goes to your website and fills out a form to request more information on your services.   Now instead of this form being emailed to someone in the office that may or may not be available, it goes into your
CRM as a new lead – and a workflow will automatically kick off notifying the sales manager that a new lead needs follow up.  If that lead isn’t addressed within a certain timeframe, the boss will be notified.  The contents of this lead information will be captured by CRM indefinitely and can’t be lost, deleted, or ignored.  When this lead gets converted to an account, you will see the complete history of your interactions with them right from the start.

Another scenario - your website can have a password protected area where clients can bring up their account information.  The client can update their account information, and submit the changes which will then update their records in CRM.  Now your departments have access to the most up-to-date client information.  The client could also look at open cases, purchase history, or any other CRM related information that you currently capture and want them to be able to see.

If you’re using
Dynamics CRM, but not using Sitefinity CMS as a website platform, we can still utilize Sitefinity for your portal requirements and have it visually mirror your existing website’s look and feel.  From your customer’s perspective it is cohesive and looks the same.  You will have more relevant client information in CRM, and are offering your customers more choice when it comes to servicing them.
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Saturday 14 May 2016

Data Analysis and Reporting

We provide enterprise level business intelligence reporting and discovery of hidden trends in data, by providing Data Warehousing solutions. We help Clients identify various possible dimensions and measures of data and represent them in visually understandable way of dashboards and graphs. We would be able to integrate data from various sources in the organisation and produce analysis as is required by Client to strategies their business options.

Please email at to access the Overview of different data conversion / data representation.

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Technology Consulting

We provide technology consulting helping organisations make choices about implementing from available technology solutions, hardware and software with projected Return on Investment. We facilitate organisations to manage their IT assets and policies and devise technology Strategy, along with conducting suggestions to optimise or re-engineer business processes. We also consult about information security and legal compliance for data protection and act as external auditor from time to time.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Custom Software Development

We build the Enterprise Information Architecture with optimized business processes, starting off the project by analyzing business logic and data transaction types to create a functional specification and justify the cost by benefits by producing a business case. We develop application with high security accept and layered authentication process. We connect and integrate enterprise applications with company intranets and internet based interfaces. We also provide Cloud based applications that take advantage of pay-per-use model with security of data and fault tolerance.

Tuesday 1 March 2016

Mobile Application Development

ACS develops Web Applications in different technologies at affordable price. We provide flexible module addition process which makes the application scalable.

The current webapplication is to be so robust that it should be accessible on mobile devices as they do from desktops. We already design interface which is easily adapted for a mobile application ensuring easy changes.

The web applicationdevelopment model we follow is divided in multiple tiers of User Interface, Business Logic and Data Access where each layer focuses on user interaction experience, business processing logic and data access operations from Database, respectively making it robust and scalable with ease of maintenance.

Training is provided to client staff & IT department to manage the application in-house, which is part of the development

Our mobileApplication Development Service consists of:
  • Windows Development
  • iPhone Development
  • Android Development
  • iPad Development
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